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The Story Of Christianity (Vol. I) (book)

Happy New Year! Have you decided what your New Year’s resolutions will be? You may be asking me, “Pete, are you crazy? It’s November!” I know that. And we are in the final quarter of 2016. Therefore,  instead of posting this … Continue reading

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The “Good Ol’ Days”?

Have you ever wished you could live in the past? Wouldn’t it be nice to transport to a certain place or era in history? If only you could go back to a time, for example, where there were no nuclear … Continue reading

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30 Prayer Days to the United States Presidential Election

This past the summer 2016, Christian evangelist and missionary, Franklin Graham, traveled to all 50 states holding prayer rallies, preaching the Gospel, and challenging believers on taking a stand to take positive action for the United States. He urged Christians to … Continue reading

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Lessons From History

In a way this is a continuation of a previous post entitled, 100 People Who Changed The World where I discussed why you (especially you Christians) should study history. To many of you, this subject may be the most boring … Continue reading

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We Didn’t Start The Fire

Many people today, for the most part, see some value in studying history. But many others just want to live for the moment and continue living their lives with little regard to their country’s decisions for their future generations and livelihood. … Continue reading

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100 People Who Changed The World (magazine)

I was at a supermarket helping my wife with the groceries the other day when somehow my shopping cart and I found ourselves in the book and magazine aisle of the store. How could that have happened? I soon spotted … Continue reading

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Two Separate “Day of Pentecost”?

Last month, on May 15, 2016. I attended a Christian church service that was dedicated as the birthday of the Christian Church. That particular church I was fellowshipping had labeled that Sunday to be “the day of Pentecost“. I was scratching … Continue reading

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RISEN (and other movies)

I do not remember ever going to a cinema and watching a movie on its first day of its release. But I made it a point to view this new Christian film called RISEN on its premiere showing on February 19, 2016.  “Why … Continue reading

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We Shall Overcome

In John 16:33 Jesus Christ said: These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. (KJV) Just what … Continue reading

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We Can Work It Out

When I watched and heard the YouTube video below, We Can Work It Out, I recognized three applications that I want to share with you in this post. 1) On September 2, 1945 when Japan surrendered to the allies, the … Continue reading

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