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I’m OK – You’re OK (book)

In my teens and early twenties, I became very interested in what are called, “self-help books”. At that time, as a Christian, I noticed how the church I was in looked at these books with disdain. They were ridiculed as “pulling-yourself-by-your … Continue reading

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Moving Mountains (part 3)

As he did with the Tower of Babel, man builds mountains – mountains of pain and suffering. About one month ago, in two posts, Moving Mountains (part 1) and Moving Mountains (part 2), I quoted Jesus Christ’s well known verse found … Continue reading

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We Can Work It Out

When I watched and heard the YouTube video below, We Can Work It Out, I recognized three applications that I want to share with you in this post. 1) On September 2, 1945 when Japan surrendered to the allies, the … Continue reading

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The Mind of God

If you have been a member of a Christian Church for a number of years (give or take a couple of months) you may undoubtedly heard several sermons and teachings about how Adam and Eve were tempted, how they ate … Continue reading

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The Loss Of Innocence

Your two teenage children are now rebelling against you. One of them, your son, was apprehended by school officials for using drugs in the gym locker room. The other, your daughter, ran away from home. She left you a note … Continue reading

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The Pull of the Flesh (part 2)

We are not tempted because we are evil; we are tempted because we are human.   – Our Daily Bread, December 1, 2014 A couple of weeks ago, in The Pull of the Flesh (part 1), I pondered over why … Continue reading

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Love Hangover

Mankind, since the beginning of time and after the fall of Adam and Eve, has been plagued with all manner of ills and calamities, crimes and injustices, hatred and death. Yet, man desires to continue the lifestyles that causes them. … Continue reading

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Heal The World

Why is it good to read and study the Bible from cover to cover? The reason is because there are great all-encompassing lessons we can grasp that are useful to us. One of these lessons is that mankind, highly determined … Continue reading

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Solutions To Racial Tension

Have you ever been bitten by a dog? I have. It happened to me recently about a month ago. Because my car was out of service, I was dropped off a few blocks from work that day. It was very … Continue reading

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Elevators Will Let You Down (part 2)

In last week’s post (part 1), I wrote how some people are like elevators – they like to elevate you by giving you praise, compliments and accolades in order to advance their own interests and agendas. Jesus Christ said that … Continue reading

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