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Who Let The Dogs Out?

Well, summer is in full force here in the Northern Hemisphere. Many people are outdoors enjoying the weather and taking in the sun’s rays. They are cooling themselves at the beaches, lakes and oceans. They are experiencing the parks, campgrounds, … Continue reading

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God’s Canaries

As most of you regular readers of this blog have noticed, I am a fervent  listener of my local Christian radio station, WIHS 104.9 FM, based out of Middletown, Connecticut. There are two main reasons for this. The first is … Continue reading

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Prayer Walking – The Christians’ Aerial Assault

Seventy years ago this week, during World War II, 156,000 Allied troops (American, British and Canadian forces) stormed onto five beaches of Normandy, France. The assault was suppposed to occur on June 5th, but due to bad weather, was moved … Continue reading

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The Blood Moon

Last week, Tuesday April 15, there was a total eclipse of the moon. This eclipse was unique because the moon appeared reddish in color. Why was the moon red? Does this mean that our civilizations down here on earth are … Continue reading

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The Value Of God’s Dreams

In last week’s post about The Annunciation (March 26 – click here), I mentioned in some detail, how God communicates to people in making His plans known. God sometimes uses angels and sometimes He uses dreams that people have as they … Continue reading

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For The Times They Are A-Changin’

As we begin a new year, I am sure many of you cannot help but be amazed at how fast the world’s lifestyle around us is changing. Not only is its technology changing but its norms and morals also. For … Continue reading

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As many of you already know, the classic movie, It’s A Wonderful Life, produced by Frank Capra in 1946, is usually shown during the Christmas season. I believe this is a great, inspirational, Christian movie you can watch any time … Continue reading

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Eve Of Destruction

Ever since the dawn of the Church, many Christians have believed that the end of world events would occur in their lifetimes and that Jesus Christ would return. Today, the Bible is still pronouncing these events. Should Christans become discouraged, complacent and … Continue reading

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