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I Never Will Marry

Over the last few decades, the institution of marriage between one man and one woman, created by God, has been vehemently assaulted – not just in the United States, but for much of this world. Also, both men and women … Continue reading

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All I Really Want To Do

What was God up to when He created Adam and Eve? I mean, He had already created thousands if not millions of angels to be around Him. Right? Were they perfect? I believe so. Just because one-third of them decided … Continue reading

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Child of Clay

Last month, before Mother’s Day, I posted my thoughts on the importance of a good father for the family to be healthy and contributing to society. What is a good father? What does he look like? How does he behave? The … Continue reading

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How To Talk So Your Husband Will Listen (book)

This happened once before.  About a month ago, I was at a supermarket helping my wife with the groceries when, somehow, my shopping cart and I found ourselves in the book and magazine aisle of the store. How that ever … Continue reading

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I Love You Always Forever

It is amazing sometimes, when I think about it, how difficult it is to love someone you have never physically seen, heard, and touched. Yet, God told the ancient Israelites to love Him with all their heart, soul and strength … Continue reading

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The 100/0 Principle (book)

A few weeks ago I posted a blog entitled, The 80/20 Principle. There I stated that a ratio, approximately 80:20, can be observed in many aspects of our lives and in the world. When this 80/20 rule is carelessly tampered with, a … Continue reading

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Just Lovin’ You

If you could be any person, any one at all, who would you be? Would you choose: Paul McCartney? Princess Diana? Elvis Presley? Lady Gaga? If you are a Christian, would you choose to be Jesus Christ? I believe many of … Continue reading

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As (I’ll Be Loving You Always)

What kind of songs did Jesus Christ, when He was on earth, sing to His Father? Did He only pray to Him? I believe He often sang His heart out to His Father in heaven during His tenure on earth.. … Continue reading

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My World Is Empty Without You

If you have recently lost a loved one, a family member, it is during this time of the year, which includes the Christmas and New Year holidays, that can be emotionally difficult. As I stated in my post, Those Were … Continue reading

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Those Were The Days

Many of you have fond memories, more or less, of your early childhood days. You can remember when there was always something new to do and anticipate. For many of you, a family atmosphere of love and joy during your … Continue reading

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