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I Never Will Marry

Over the last few decades, the institution of marriage between one man and one woman, created by God, has been vehemently assaulted – not just in the United States, but for much of this world. Also, both men and women … Continue reading

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Healing For Broken Relationships (free booklet)

If you are a pastor, a Christian preacher, here is a booklet which you can digest and incorporate into a sermon and present to your flock. The name of the booklet is called: Healing Broken Relationships by Carl Richardson. I … Continue reading

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Losing My Religion

Have you lost your religion? If you define religion as an organized attempt to impose trite rules and regulations in the name of God onto man, then maybe it is good you have left it. This kind of religion has … Continue reading

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Heaven Help Us All

Tomorrow, Resurrection Sunday (also known as Easter), will be observed by most Christians the world over. They will be honoring God and His Son, Jesus Christ, for delivering mankind from the bondage of sin. God has helped all of humanity … Continue reading

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Our Day Will Come

Yesterday, September 27, 2013, the Christian radio station out of Middletown, CT, WIHS 104.9 FM (celebrating its 44th anniversary today) hosted its Annual Christian Leadership Breakfast. Why? Because many local, God-fearing pastors, preachers and Bible teachers have been steadfastly and … Continue reading

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The Plight of Pastors

Two weeks ago, November 28, 2012, I posted a blog entitled, A Letter to the USA Churches. I basically stated that many Christians in their respective churches have voted God out of being involved in the affairs of this nation. I was disappointed … Continue reading

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