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All I Really Want To Do

What was God up to when He created Adam and Eve? I mean, He had already created thousands if not millions of angels to be around Him. Right? Were they perfect? I believe so. Just because one-third of them decided … Continue reading

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The End Of The World

Of all the living creatures God has created, human beings are by far unique. Humans are the only beings that are self-conscious. Man is the only being who philosophically shares with others how he believes the human race fits in the affairs of … Continue reading

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Philosophy For Dummies (book)

Since the start of January 2017, I have been reading a book entitled, The Story of Christianity. I wrote a post stating that I would be reading that book as a daily devotional this year (click on title). I have … Continue reading

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Que Sera, Sera

The lyrics of this famous song,  Que Sera, Sera, would be absolutely true IF there were no God. If God did not exist, as many people claim, then life is nothing but hopeless randomness of time and chance – fate.  Whatever events occur … Continue reading

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Dust In The Wind

In my last post, I pondered over the idea that  everything around us and all of the universe may have came forth from God himself. I contemplated that our composition – the elements of matter – is from the essence of … Continue reading

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Why I Am Not An Atheist

Years ago, when I had just accepted Christ and during my high school years, one of the things that began heading my way was views on atheism. Situations and issues came to me almost immediately that began challenging my faith … Continue reading

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