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My Father’s House

In my previous post, “In My Father’s House . . . “, I mentioned how Jesus, during His Last Supper, referred  heaven as His Father’s house. Jesus  told the disciples He was soon leaving them in order to prepare a … Continue reading

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Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft

Seven days ago was January 6th, known by many Christians as the day of Epiphany which commemorates the visitation of the Magi to the birth town of the child, Jesus. I explained that this child they revered would one day … Continue reading

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A Place Called Heaven (book) . . . .{part 1}

As many of you who have followed my posts already know, I at one time did not believe several doctrines that mainstream Christianity believes. For example, I did not believe Christmas should be celebrated by Christians. Resurrection Sunday (a.k.a. Easter) … Continue reading

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I Say A Little Prayer For You

Last weekend, a national day of prayer was requested by the President of the United States on behalf of all those enduring the consequences of Hurricane Harvey over Texas and Louisiana. Most, if not all, of the Christian churches who … Continue reading

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Ring My Bell

Many US citizens will soon celebrate the birthday of America. Firecrackers will be popping and crackling pounding sonic waves through neighborhoods. The accustomed peace of the day will often be abruptly shattered. Many animal lovers, (of dogs especially), will once again have to … Continue reading

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At this moment in the month of October 2016, many of our Jewish brothers and sisters are celebrating their fall religious holy days. On October 2-3, it was Rosh Hoshanna,  (Feast of Trumpets); on October 11-12, it was Yom Kippur … Continue reading

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30 Prayer Days to the United States Presidential Election

This past the summer 2016, Christian evangelist and missionary, Franklin Graham, traveled to all 50 states holding prayer rallies, preaching the Gospel, and challenging believers on taking a stand to take positive action for the United States. He urged Christians to … Continue reading

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Standing In The Need Of Prayer

I will try to keep this post short. Why? It’s me that it is about. If you go to my post, Inside My Heart, I mentioned how my dad, who passed away in 1994, left a deep impression on me and … Continue reading

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God On The Mountain

In previous posts, I have stated how God is the mover of mountains. This word, mountain, has more than one meaning in the Bible. One of them, I believe, refers to the trials and tribulations of life that come upon … Continue reading

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Hear Me Calling, Great Redeemer

Okay, great! You have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, now what? Well, as you already noticed, life goes on. You still have to buy groceries, pay the bills and maintain your health. But people around you, however, … Continue reading

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