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The Circumferences of the Earth – Past, Present and Future

I remember my geography classes in middle and high school explaining the difference between the earth’s latitudes and longitudes. I was taught latitudes go East – West and are parallel to each other away from the equator. Longitudes go North … Continue reading

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Surprised By Hope . . . (book)

For the last few weeks, since mid-February up to now, I have been posting my thoughts about the human body being one of the greatest themes in the Bible. The Bible starts with a special creation of the universe tailor … Continue reading

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Ain’t No Grave …………… {EASTER Doubleheader} – 1

Over these last few weeks and during the season many Christians call Lent, I have been celebrating as much as I can. I have not been criticizing this tradition kept by many Christians, but making a statement that I was … Continue reading

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The Spirit In Man

A few years ago, when I was active as a substitute teacher for public schools, I remember some job assignments I was sent to fill that were in the area within the special education department. My responsibility there was to … Continue reading

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“In My Father’s House . . .”

When you die and go to heaven, will your Father God’s house, technically speaking, become your house? Will your Father’s house in heaven no longer belong to God when you go to heaven? I am being facetious here, of course, … Continue reading

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All Night Long

A few days ago, many believers in Christ began commemorating the season they call, Lent. ┬áIt is basically a time of more concentrated, daily meditation about what Christ endured during His final days on earth. Many Christians observing this time … Continue reading

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Whoomp! There It Is!

Moses was on Mount Sinai receiving the Ten Commandments from the Lord, when all of a sudden, God told him to go down quickly to the Israelites because they had made a molten image and were partying and worshipping it. … Continue reading

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Champagne for Lent

The other day my wife sat bewildered in the car after seeing me walk into a package store and purchase a bottle of champagne. I told her I plan to open it and share it with her on Valentine’s Day … Continue reading

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Down In The River To Pray

The Bible, as many of you know, has many incidents of a person doing something with his body in order to receive benefits. In the Old Testament, for example, an incident occurred where a leprous individual was told to go … Continue reading

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I’ll Fly Away

I don’t know about you, but the more I learn about the Bible and the things of God, the more I don’t know about the things of God. Just when I thought I knew much about Christianity and about the … Continue reading

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