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The New And Improved Law (part 3)

About three weeks ago I posted my continuing  thoughts about the law of God. I posted, The New And Improved Law (part 2). There I stated that the Old Covenant, with all of its laws, regulations, animal sacrifices, etc., contained … Continue reading

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O Holy Night

Can nighttime ever be holy? Can surrounding space that is dark become holy? I can picture an atheist asking these questions about the title and theme of the classic Christmas carol, O Holy Night. I can understand what non-believers may say … Continue reading

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Beautiful Sunday

Sunday is not the Lord’s day! By that I mean Jesus Christ did not come down to this earth to change a day of worship from a Saturday, seventh day Sabbath which was commanded to the ancient Israelites, to a different … Continue reading

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“The Sabbath Was Made For Man”

About four weeks ago I posted a blog entitled, On Being The Ten Commandments. What I wrote was basically my thoughts (the purpose for blogging) about the Ten Commandments. I believe that these laws, when Christ came to earth, became … Continue reading

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