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The Wedding Banquet (a sitcom)

Cast of characters: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++       Let us travel back in time to many years ago, long before you were ever born. A wedding celebration is taking place in a little town by the name of Cana located somewhere … Continue reading

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Back In The High Life Again

A little over 2,000 years ago, God had an important meeting of the minds. The Father, The Word and The Holy Spirit were making final preparations toward a great event to occur on earth. Here is their discourse: God: Well, the … Continue reading

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Isaac’s Eyeballs

We Christians are always being reminded of the faith of Abraham. We are constantly told how he, without complaining or asking God questions simply did what God told him to do. Abraham is therefore known as the “father of the … Continue reading

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The Footwashing (a sitcom)

In the small town of Overpass,Texas, Christian members of Kingdom Fellowship Church (a.k.a. KFC), are gathering together to perform their much anticipated washing of the feet service. It is a cool, late afternoon as the sun begins its journey into … Continue reading

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