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It’s A Small World (After All)

This post is a continuation of my previous blog, The Circumferences of the Earth – Past, Present and Future. Hypothetical question: If Adam and Eve had never sinned and death never was to be seen on this earth, would there … Continue reading

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Tips For Worship Leaders

When I first became a church member of a Christian, Bible-based church about a couple of years after high school, the first thing that impressed me about its church service was the music. Every week the service would be led by a worship … Continue reading

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The 100/0 Principle (book)

A few weeks ago I posted a blog entitled, The 80/20 Principle. There I stated that a ratio, approximately 80:20, can be observed in many aspects of our lives and in the world. When this 80/20 rule is carelessly tampered with, a … Continue reading

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