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Will It Happen Again? (part 2)

I want to continue my thoughts from last week’s post, “Will It Happen Again?  (part 1). There I asked if any of the angels who had not rebelled against God would, at a future eon moment, also follow Satan’s footsteps of … Continue reading

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Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

The holy angels of God have been around longer than us human beings. They have been endowed with special abilities to serve God. Yet, God’s focus has been on mankind – especially after the spiritual fall of Adam and Eve … Continue reading

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Will It Happen Again? (part 1)

Me: Will it happen again? You: Will what happen again? Me: Will it occur all over again? You: Pete, do you need another coffee? Wake up! Me: Yes, I can use another cup. But, it just may happen again. You: What … Continue reading

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