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Good Day Sunshine

Another massive shooting against the innocent has occurred. This time it happened in Las Vegas, Nevada. Once again, a nation is in shock. I know I was. I was totally disgusted with the sheer violence and lunacy of it all. … Continue reading

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Most of us at times wish we can turn back the hands of time and correct the errors we have made in our lives. If only it were possible, we sigh, all of our blunders would be made right. We often wish … Continue reading

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Hello, Goodbye

On my last post entitled, Hello!  I discussed how certain topics that  I posted on this blog developed from thoughts that came to me as I meditated throughout the course of the day. I also wrote that, I believe, most people … Continue reading

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Act Naturally

Many people today are seeking prestige, wealth and fame. They would do anything to get these “prizes” the world has to offer. Yet, many have disregarded  decency or any of God’s way of living in order to make it to … Continue reading

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Let It Be

In my previous post, Mary and the Church, I related the movie’s character of Mary in It’s a Wonderful Life, to the Church. To me, Mary represented the Christian Church. With that in mind, the song below, Let It Be, with a … Continue reading

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