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God is Good

Last week I mentioned how the children of Israel constantly and easily forgot God throughout their history [click here: Am I That Easy To Forget?]. The question you might now consider is why? Why what? Why did God cause these people … Continue reading

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Hot Hot Hot

In my previous post, I referred to the attitude of the Laodicean church as that of lukewarmness. Being lukewarm is not about which doctrines you sincerely believe is right or wrong. It is all about how much trust and dependency you … Continue reading

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Through The Years

Do you have a close, ongoing relationship with God? Do you two get along well with each other? If you are new to Christianity, then this is something that can start to develop and grow starting now as you learn more … Continue reading

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In The Still Of The Night

Not once, not twice, but several times I have heard pastors relate from the pulpit how they were sometimes awakened from sleep around 3 AM sensing a communication from the Lord. Perhaps this has happened to you. You all of … Continue reading

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