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Hold On, I’m Comin’

Christians throughout the ages have never known exactly when Jesus would return to this world to straighten it out. God wants it this way (Matt. 24:36). But, there have been periods of time when persecution against the church was so … Continue reading

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You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

For 40 days, the risen Christ walked, talked and even ate with His exuberant disciples. There was no longer any doubt from any one of them that God had raised Him¬†from the dead. You can be certain that many, many … Continue reading

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There’s Got To Be A Morning After

Most of us Christians (and even non- Christians) sense world conditions moving on a downward spiral. Mankind just cannot adequately solve its problems. This world’s civilization cannot achieve lasting peace. Hatred and violence permeate society.¬†Destruction abounds. Genocide goals are a … Continue reading

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Who Let The Dogs Out?

Well, summer is in full force here in the Northern Hemisphere. Many people are outdoors enjoying the weather and taking in the sun’s rays. They are cooling themselves at the beaches, lakes and oceans. They are experiencing the parks, campgrounds, … Continue reading

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