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Moving Mountains (part 3)

As he did with the Tower of Babel, man builds mountains – mountains of pain and suffering. About one month ago, in two posts, Moving Mountains (part 1) and Moving Mountains (part 2), I quoted Jesus Christ’s well known verse found … Continue reading

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God On The Mountain

In previous posts, I have stated how God is the mover of mountains. This word, mountain, has more than one meaning in the Bible. One of them, I believe, refers to the trials and tribulations of life that come upon … Continue reading

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Moving Mountains (part 2)

In my post, Moving Mountains (part 1), I asked the following questions: Who do you know has moved mountains lately? Has anyone ever moved mountains? Has anyone followed through on what Jesus Christ suggested over two thousand years ago?: “Because you … Continue reading

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Lord, You Gave Me A Mountain

There are events in life that are just too painful to go through. Tragedies occur. Heart-wrenching afflictions come before us. When each storm of life surprisingly strikes home, we quickly ask ourselves, “How can we possibly deal with this?” Then we look … Continue reading

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Climb Every Mountain

The ancient Israelites after crossing the Red Sea never climbed mountains throughout their journey. If you read the Bible’s Book of Exodus up to the Book of Joshua where the Israelites sojourned toward the Promised Land, you never read anywhere of them … Continue reading

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Moving Mountains (part 1)

Who do you know has moved mountains lately? Over two thousand years ago Jesus Christ said this: “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say … Continue reading

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