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Keep Looking Up

As you read the Bible, you will come across several accounts where people had to lift up their eyes and observe something supernatural. What they saw was often very critical to their safety, their well being and even their salvation. At this … Continue reading

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In several of the Psalms in the Bible we see David crying out to God asking Him when will He take action to help him. We see David who greatly shows his emotions as he prays to his God. God listened … Continue reading

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You Can’t Hurry Love

In my previous post, I listed some of the books that have helped me, so far, in my spiritual journey. But life is not about the reading of books only. Along with reading, there is much value in being personally … Continue reading

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Love Is The More Excellent Way

A few days ago this week, I heard on radio station WIHS 104.9 FM these words of wisdom  (Thought For Today, part 4, no. 49) given by Gerry Williams: Patience is waiting with contentment. When many of life’s trials, problems and … Continue reading

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Try A Little Kindness

In my previous post, I shared a Facebook post from a friend about the kindness shown by a taxi driver to an elderly lady who knew she had only days to live. With just a small exertion  of patience, this man’s … Continue reading

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A Sweet Lesson On Patience

A New York City Taxi driver wrote: I arrived at the address and honked the horn. After waiting a few minutes, I honked again. Since this was going to be my last ride of my shift, I thought about just … Continue reading

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