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God On The Mountain

In previous posts, I have stated how God is the mover of mountains. This word, mountain, has more than one meaning in the Bible. One of them, I believe, refers to the trials and tribulations of life that come upon … Continue reading

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We Can Work It Out

When I watched and heard the YouTube video below, We Can Work It Out, I recognized three applications that I want to share with you in this post. 1) On September 2, 1945 when Japan surrendered to the allies, the … Continue reading

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Peace Be Still

The Christian radio station that I listen to daily is WIHS 104.9 FM based out of Middletown, CT. To me, those involved with this station, as in most Christian radio stations, are broadcasting the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the … Continue reading

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You Sang To Me

What I want to discuss is an event that is not uncommon. It is something that has been occurring for over 2,000 years. It is happening right now, this very moment. It may be happening to you as it did … Continue reading

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Heal The World

Why is it good to read and study the Bible from cover to cover? The reason is because there are great all-encompassing lessons we can grasp that are useful to us. One of these lessons is that mankind, highly determined … Continue reading

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Solutions To Racial Tension

Have you ever been bitten by a dog? I have. It happened to me recently about a month ago. Because my car was out of service, I was dropped off a few blocks from work that day. It was very … Continue reading

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