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In Everything Give Thanks

Another end of a year is quickly approaching. In the country I live, the United States, there is an annual holiday tradition called Thanksgiving that Christians love and fully take advantage. On Thanksgiving Day, we Christians of this country meditate … Continue reading

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We Will Rock You

A few weeks ago, I posted on how the Christian worship portion of church services held every week are not rock concerts. In other words, they should not, in my opinion,  have an atmosphere where the church congregation is overshadowed … Continue reading

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In Times Like These

As I write this, another terrorist attack has occurred. This time it is in England. London is mourning several of her citizens who were participating in life. A few days earlier, several children and young people, concluding a concert venue and looking … Continue reading

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As Tears Go By

Melancholy. Melancholy. My world has been a little melancholy these last few days. Why? Last month, on December 20, 2016, just days before the holidays, I slipped on ice near where I live and broke my right ankle. I was … Continue reading

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At this moment in the month of October 2016, many of our Jewish brothers and sisters are celebrating their fall religious holy days. On October 2-3, it was Rosh Hoshanna,  (Feast of Trumpets); on October 11-12, it was Yom Kippur … Continue reading

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God On The Mountain

In previous posts, I have stated how God is the mover of mountains. This word, mountain, has more than one meaning in the Bible. One of them, I believe, refers to the trials and tribulations of life that come upon … Continue reading

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Hear Me Calling, Great Redeemer

Okay, great! You have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, now what? Well, as you already noticed, life goes on. You still have to buy groceries, pay the bills and maintain your health. But people around you, however, … Continue reading

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I Still Believe (song & book)

Many of us Christians have witnessed someone in our church congregation lose his or her faith because of a trial or tremendous loss. Some of you may have experienced a great loss yourselves and maybe expressed doubts about God’s love … Continue reading

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In several of the Psalms in the Bible we see David crying out to God asking Him when will He take action to help him. We see David who greatly shows his emotions as he prays to his God. God listened … Continue reading

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It Is Well With My Soul

This hymn was written by Horatio Spafford (1828 – 1868).  This person had gone through many trials in his life. He lost his only son to scarlet fever in 1870.  A fire devastated his investments soon after. Then in 1873, … Continue reading

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